Guide to Choosing the Best Equipment for Table Tennis

Purchasing your first table tennis equipment, especially for new players, can be challenging. Therefore, this post will guide you in choosing the best equipment in table tennis.

Also, you’ll learn about several mistakes often made by newbies when purchasing their first paddle. Here are tips to keep in mind while shopping for a table tennis equipment.

Table Tennis Equipment Guidelines

In my experience as a coach, I found that most common bad choices are mostly made by new players. They tend to choose the wrong paddle.

Generally speaking, you should the best ping pong table and combine with the best ping pong paddle that works best with your style.

However, I’d love to show how to purchase the best equipment without making common mistakes. And, as such, you can improve your game in no time.

Without further ado, let’s get started on how to choose the best table tennis equipment.

Tip 1. Don’t Upgrade except necessary

No doubt, you will have to upgrade/change your rackets in your career. As your game improves, so is your requirement from your equipment. For instance, you could need a harder or faster racket.

You shouldn’t just upgrade to new equipment just because your friends say so. Figure out your style, understand it and only opt for an upgrade option if you need to. It’s paramount that you only upgrade to a faster setup if you need more spin in your shots or power.

Tip 2. Never purchase pre-made rackets

Purchasing a pre-made racket with very thin rubbers and cheap wood is the only advisable for a pro player. Using a pre-made racket can be counterproductive for new players. Why? Cheap and bad wood eliminates removes the good vibrations you are supposed to feel. Also, rubber with thin layers compels newbies into a very bad habit of opening more when spinning the ball with this racket.

Tip 3 – Pick the ideal rubber hardness

It’s wrong to purchase equipment with too soft rubber i.e on the backhand side, the rubber should not be softer than 35 degrees and on the other side, the softness should be more than 40 degrees.

For new players looking to improve their game fast, the hardest rubber is highly recommended as it teaches you how to handle a hit. There are no shortcuts. The harder the rubber, the better you get. Chinese kids improve faster because they always play with hard rubbers, and against ping pong robust.

Tip 4 – Buy heavy blade

It’s not advisable to buy a blade not weighing up to or more 80g. While playing with a heavy blade is usually very discomforting at the beginning, it helps you stay off bad habits.

New players love to play with a too light blade, which results in them having a bad habit: hitting with only the wrist. The heavy blade comes with the much-needed force to help develop your body in the proper stroke mechanism.

Tip 5. Purchase the right thickness of the rubber

This is another critical factor to put into consideration when buying a table tennis equipment. Never purchase a unit with a thickness of less than 1.8mm – it’s too thin!

While some coach instructs newbies to play with a very thin rubber, which is wrong as it tends to open more racket angle of the player.

With thin, to very thin rubber, a player needs to open more the racket to compensate bottom out and topspin. This bad habit causes the ball to be less accurate and weak. This setup will not help you improve fast.

In summary

All in all, choosing equipment to improve your table tennis game has to match your level and style of play. In my opinion, the best equipment should provide this information – good feeling and vibration to your hand.