How Much Does A Ping Pong Table Cost?

Are you looking to replace your old ping pong table or purchase a new one? You will discover that there are a lot of options to choose from at various price points.

With a lot of options and factors to consider, knowing the general price of this product and your budget becomes paramount.

What comes to mind next is how much does a ping pong table cost?

Some manufacturers offer a series of budget-option ping pong tables, and others are geared towards producing premium and cutting edge tables.

With that in mind an average ping pong table for indoor will cost about $150 to $400, and fun outdoor about $400 to $700. For conversion tops the price wind is usually between $200 to $300 and other luxury ping pong table cost about $1000 and more.

Types of ping pong table

Before you go ahead to discuss the cost of these units, I would like to shed more light on the types of ping pong tables to understand why they come at different prices.

There are three types of ping pong tables, namely.

  • Indoor Tables
  • Outdoor tables
  • Conversion Tops

1. Indoor & Outdoor Table

Indoor Table

Indoor tables as the name suggest that the types of tables that are used in indoor places such as your office or homes while outdoor tables are suitable for your patio backyard etc.

Unlike the indoor tables outdoor ping pong tables are designed his durability in mind. They are designed to be able to withstand constant exposure to sun and other factors of mother nature. Therefore these models feature special coating on the table surface to help prevent the adverse effects of exposure to sun and other weather conditions.

Aside from the facts mentioned earlier, there is no significant difference between an outdoor table and an indoor ping-pong table. However, they differ in terms of price with the outdoor table being pricey. It is also important to note that the cost of this unit will depend on the brand, quality, and where you are purchasing it.

2. Conversion Tops

The third type of ping pong table is it conversion tops which is not a ping pong table per se but a more flexible option. They are sometimes referred to as ping pong tables without legs.

This option is an ideal choice for people who already have a big table such as a pool table or dining table and looking to play ping pong while maximizing the limited space. Purchasing a conversion top table allows you to convert your already-have big table into a game of table tennis.

How Much Is Worth Spending On A Ping Pong Table?

As mentioned earlier, there is no general price for this units. How much you are willing to splurge on this Fable should depend on your budget paste and what you aim to achieve.

So if you want a high-end ping pong table that would easily be the centre of attraction in your office or home, then you should be willing to spend more than $1000. Forever if you are in the market to purchase a table for small competition or fun with friends, colleagues and family then you should budget about 150 dollars to $700 to buy either an outdoor or indoor table.

Note while considering how much to spend on this unit please ensure that you go for the best ping pong table at that price range. You don’t want to end up the table that offers less value for the money.

Take the Leap

We have provided you with all the basic information to help you purchase the right products at your budget range. So it’s your turn to decide which table you will be buying and how much you will be willing to pay.