Rinnai VS Rheem Tankless Water Heater – Which Is Better?


So, you finally decide to equip your home with a tankless water heater. But, the next problem you encounter is which brand to choose? Rinnai and Rheem are the two famous and long-standing manufacturers in the field with high quality that are proved over the years.

If you are considering products from these manufacturers, you are in the right place. 

Welcome to the tankless water heater showdown between Rinnai and Rheem. So, have yourself a seat and enjoy the show until the end!

Rinnai and Rheem – Overview

First, we will take a look at these brands’ profile.

About Rinnai

Rinnai, with the passion to “deliver nothing less than the absolute best” , is a 100-year-old Japanese brand in providing home heating appliances. Found in 1918 by Hidejiro Naito, this brand has never stopped innovating to confirm the position of the leading brand.

Rinnai has become one of the most reliable brands of commercial and residential heaters in North America with several high-efficiency product ranges. Moreover, with local subsidiaries, Rinnai can satisfy your need with timely responses for installation and warranty services. 

About Rheem

Rheem is a private America manufacturer that provides commercial and home water heaters, boilers, and other heating equipment. Rheem is the leading manufacturers of water heating and HVAC equipment in not only America but also many other countries around the world. You can also find products from Rheem under the name Ruud. 

From the day the brand was established, Rheem products have taken the lead in the industry. And in the modern-day where people pay a lot of attention to the environment, Rheem is committing to sustainability. 

Rinnai VS. Rheem – A Tankless Water Heater Showdown

Now, we will come to the most important part, the showdown. Let’s take a look at some strong points of each opponent.

Where Rheem beats Rinnai

When people mention Rheem, they might think of reasonable prices and a wide range of products. That’s where Rheem takes the lead over Rinnai.

This American manufacturer has the dependency in producing locally sourced components that aid in lowering the price of their products. Moreover, they do not have to pay for import tariff like Rinnai. 

As Rheem is a local manufacturer, the installation cost is also lower than Rinnai.

Lower installation cost make Rheem an affordable choice

Another strong point of Rheem is that it has covered a large field of tankless water heaters. For example, while Rinnai does not have electric tankless water heaters, Rheem offers a full-option lineup of electric heaters. So, with Rheem, you will have more choice for a suitable tankless water heater for your home.

Ways Rinnai take the lead over Rheem

Although the price of a Rinnai tankless water heater might be significantly higher, you will get one’s money’s worth. 

Rinnai is a volunteer in innovative technology. Thus, what you get from a Rinnai product are modern technology and extra features. For example, in many product lines, you can connect with your heater through the Internet. And even receiving maintenance alerts sent to your phone is possible. 

Like other products from Japan, Rinnai products are known as one of the most durable tankless water heaters. Thus, they can offer you extended services without frequent maintenance. 

Moreover, Rinnai has the highest gallons per minutes (GPM) than any brand on the market. So, you can look for a Rinnai tankless water heater if you live in a cold area. It is also a wise choice if you want a heater for large families or high water demand. 

The final win

Well, to find out which brand is better, it depends on several aspects. Both brands are great in terms of quality. So the thing here is your demand.

If you have a small budget for a tankless water heater, Rheem might be a good choice. Many medium-sized families satisfy with a Rheem and spend less money on the run. But if you want a multi-function tankless water heater, a Rinnai, which costs you a little more, might be what you need. 

Finally, if you have any opinion about the comparison between these two manufacturers, you can leave it in comments. Other readers and I would love to hear your ideas. 

Thank you for reading!